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Psoriasis (Ms. juhi Chatterjee)
I Was Suffering From Severe Itching, Foul Smell & Discharge Along With Blood Oozing From All Over My Body, My Skin Was Hard And With Full Of Wrinkles Since 22 Years. It Had Become A Great Dilemma For Me, And I Was Finding It Difficult To Face Other People, So I Took Various Allopathic Treatments And Other Skin Treatments Even From Countries Like U.s.a And Hospitals Like Aiims, Apollo And Almost All Hospitals In India, But Did Not Find Any Relief, So One Day My Father's Friend Suggested Me Of Dr. A C Thomas, Vcc Ayurveda, I Thought Why Not Try Ayurveda As No Other System Of Medicine Was Left To Try. Luckily, I Was Guided To A Right Clinic & To A Right Doctor. After A Course Of 14 Days Itself The Oozing Stopped Completely, Dr. Thomas Advised Me To Continue The Treatment For Next 3 Months, By Then 90 % Of My Problems Like Foul Smelly Discharge, Itching In The Body, Scaling Of Skin Reduced And My Skin Became Soft And Back To Normal. After Which I Went For My Further Studies And Now I Am Working In A Bank. I Feel Very Thankful To Dr.a.c.thomas And His Group Of Dedicated Staffs, Who Took Complete Care Of Me, And Treated Me, Also Assessed The Changes In Me From The Day One, Because Of Vcc Ayurveda I Am Able To Lead A Normal Life Now Which Was My Dream Ones.

2) Slipped Disc (Mrs. Vineeta Aggrawal).
I Was Unable To Stand Without Some Ones Support And Taking Each Step While Walking Was A Big Task With Tears In My Eyes Because Of The Severe Pain. .it Was Very Difficult For Me To Even Perform My Daily Routine. I Was Totally Bedridden. Seeing My Condition, My Husband Took Me To A Hospital, Where The Doctors Diagnosed That I Am Suffering From Slipped Disc, The Doctors Suggested Me That Surgery Is The Only Option As There Is No Other Cure For Slipped Disc. As I Was Scared Of The Surgery And Its After Affect, I Did Not Want To Go For Surgery. My Husband Had Already Taken Treatment From Vcc Ayurveda, So He Took Me There, After A Course Of 28 Days Treatment , I Am Completely Cured Of My Ailment, And Now I Am Able To Walk And Perform My Duties Of My Own. I Feel Dr. Thomas Is A God Sent Angel To Me, Even From The First Day Of My Treatment After The Abhyangam, Kati Basti And Vasti Treatment I Got Good Relief And I Am Completely Fine Now. I Am Thankful To Dr. Thomas And Vcc Staffs For Providing Such A Good Treatment And Care To Me.

Ankylosing Spondylitis (Mr. Sandeep Panth )
Since Few Months I Had Developed Severe Backache, One Morning I Got Sudden Pain In The Back While I Was Getting Up From The Bed, My Back Started Stooping Down Slowly And My Body Movements Got Restricted. As It Was An Emergency I Was Rushed To An Allopathic Hospital, Where I Was Given Several Pain Killer Injections After Which The Pain Subsided , But I Got Only Temporary Relief, Again After The Course Of Medications The Pain Got Worsened And For Almost 1 Year I Took Allopathic Treatment ,since I Had No Relief One Of My Friend Advised Me To Try Ayurveda And To Take Treatment From Vcc Ayurveda, After A Course Of 6 Months I Was Completely Cured From Ankylosing Spondylitis Which I Thought Will Never Be Cured , Also My Spine Has Come Back To Its Normal Position. I Am Very Grateful Dr. Thomas For Helping Me To Get My Health Back.

Osteoarthritis (Mrs. Saumya Nair).
I Am 64Years Old, I Had Severe Knee Joint Pain And Swelling Because Of Which I Was Unable To Walk And Climb The Stairs. Allopathic Doctors Diagnosed Me As A Case Of Osteoarthritis And They Suggested Me To Undergo Knee Replacement As Soon As Possible Or Else I Will Be Unable To Walk In Future, But I Was Totally Against The Surgery As I Had Seen One Of My Friend That After Surgery Also, She Did Not Find Much Improvement And Was Unable To Walk, Since Dr.a.c Thomas Had Treated My Husband And Was Also A Family Friend , We Met Him For An Opinion He Advised Me Not To Go For Knee Replacement Rather He Prescribed Me Few Medications And Treatments , He Assured Me That No Knee Replacement Was Required For Me. Somehow By God’S Grace I Just Started Up The Treatment Without Thinking Much And I Am Very Happy To Say That Today I Can Walk Properly With No Much Pain Or Discomfort In My Knees. Therefore, I Whole Heartedly Thank Dr Thomas And His Entire Team Of Staffs For Providing Me Such Good Relief. I Also Advised Few Friends Of Mine Who Were Also Suffering From The Same Problem To Consult Dr. A.c Thomas, And They Also Took Treatment From Vcc Ayurveda They Are Also Fine Today Without Any Knee Replacement.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (Elizabeth Faudon Lyon, From : France).
I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis with acute pain, intermittent fever, dysphonia. for 5-6 years. I have known the gracious owners and managers of this institute, Dr. Thomas and Jessy, for some time and I have taken treatment with them twice. What a treat! They really make you feel at home. The medical attention is professional and the treatment pure, ancient, and original. Now I am perfectly all right. Thanks to VCC.

Ayurvedic Treatment (Anne Marie Rosset, From : France).
Hello, I am very happy with the results of 2 weeks of ayurvedic treatment for my slipped disc that was to be operated for. I saw the doctor every day and had ayurvedic medicines three times a day. I had morning massage and treatments for specific problems for one and half hour almost every afternoon and I saw another doctor for reflexology and acupressure every other day all for one price. I am happy to report complete improvement in my health. May god bless them.. I felt very pampered during my stay and the results are long lasting.

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Stress (Williams Gerard, From : UK).
I was a stress sufferer.. Now my mind is calmer, I quit smoking when I came here and did not feel my withdrawals. The food is divine, and the people are very gentle and friendly. Maybe I will come back as a student. Thank you very much for everything.

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Acute Pain (Mr. Sumit Chauhan, From : Noida).
I am a software professional. I was suffering from acute pain and stiffness in my back, neck and shoulders and sometimes in chest region. I was not even able to breath properly for more than a year. It was the biggest agony in my life. I went to many prominent allopathic hospitals in NCR and took wrong treatment, as my problem was not diagnosed. Dr. Thomas checked my pulse in the first instance and told me that I might be suffering from Ankylosing spondilitis. I conducted blood test that proved Dr. Thomas was right on his diagnosis.. I took a treatment of 21 days and now the pain subsided and the stiffness just vanished. This is a miracle I must say!. Thanks Dr. Thomas, thanks VCC.

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Rejuvenation (Ms. Swntje Federau, System Architect, From : Germany).
I am very happy to have chosen this clinic for specific treatment and general rejuvenation. It has been an excellent experience with Authentic Ayurveda and Yoga exercises and practice. My best wishes to Dr. Thomas to pursue this concept and continue and maintain /exceed the expectations of the visitors. Best Wishes,

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Rejuvenate (Polly Hitchen, From : U.K).
Great people and great place to rejuvenate and heal. Truly authentic and non-commercial ayurveda, yoga and meditation. I had a very experienced Ayurveda Doctor and meditation teacher twice a day in a family like atmosphere. Very rare to see people give so much and want little in return!! I have never seen such service and possibly never will!

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Rejuvenation (Mr. Ranjan Ratna, From : U.S.A).
Reading this I hope will convince you, without question, to come to this wonderful place of rest and rejuvenation. Simply trust, be willing to let go and allow the angels that work here, to help you on your unique path to perfect health, in body, mind and spirit. This is my first experience among truly authentic Indian people who radiate such love and kindness, which in itself reflects where you are in your own life a teaching for us all.

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Severe Arthritic Pain (Mrs. Supriya Bhattacharya, From : Noida).
I felt good improvement of my ailment from the condition. I came with severe arthritic pain and swelling to this Centre. Continuing the medication with hope of great relief. Thanks,

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General Massage (Mr. P. Veerasekaran, From : Tamil Nadu).
Fantastic feeling of relaxation when the General Massage was being done. I felt that pairs of wonderful hands have given immense relief to my body muscles. I came here for a short time to relax and rejuvenate. This place fosters a warm and comfortable environment where I was able to clear my mind and negative thoughts. A must visit place for everybody. Thanks a lot.

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Detoxification (Mrs & Mr. Sanjeev Kulshreshtha, From : Noida).
We chose VCC Ayurveda Center for treatment of ailments and rejuvenation, detoxification and was in no way disappointed about my treatment here. The staff and management are excellent. So are the treatments, now I am a regular member of this Clinic.

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Disc Problems (Ms. Rajani P.N, Pathanamthitta, From : Kerala).
I was suffering from disc problems since more than 4 years and acute pain was not able to walk and do any work. I met Dr. Thomas in VCC Ayurveda and Yoga Institute and underwent treatment for 21 days. Now I am perfectly all right and after 3 months medication. I can resume my work now. May god bless Dr. Thomas and VCC.

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Headaches, Anger, Stress and Strain (Mr. Naresh Sharma, From : Noida).
Headaches, Anger, stress and strain for 15 years drove me to take 45days treatment here. Now I am completely cured. Thanks to Dr. Thomas and staff. Now I plan to be a regular member at the institute.

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Mrs. Kavita Chopra, Noida
I am a 70 yr old Home Maker with severe pain and stiffness on shoulders. My shoulder movement was totally restricted. It was like a burden tied on my neck. I took treatment for 30 days and got the sensation, movement etc, back. Today I am all right. I do not need any medicines. I am a regular member of wellness package of VCC. Dr. Thomas is like my son and the kindness and gentle attitude is great, VCC is great.

Ms. Madhu, U..S.A
My treatment programme was superb and the beautiful girls who administered the massages were impeccable and oh so sweet and kind... felt like a queen every day. My advise to you your heart and let this place feed your can find only happiness and peace waiting for you.

Ms. Kusum Katoch, Pricipal, Govt. Inter College, H.P
IIt is really superb. I am very confident that this V.C.C Institute will rise the sky heights of glory. Thanks,

Mrs. K.Jena, Bhubaneshwar
Very good treatment with very good staff and management. 2 weeks of treatment made me so happy which I never felt this good before. After I lost my husband 5 months ago, I am physically, mentally and spiritually ALIVE again. Dr. Thomas and his wife, both are extremely kind, generous, considerate and helpful. This is the place to relax, enjoy and get better through Ayurveda treatments. Thank you very much for everything.

Ms. Mallika Mishra, Noida
I found the treatment for reducing obesity is very effective in this center with this treatment. My general condition also improved and pain & stiffness are also reduced. Whenever possible I will come again to continue my treatment.
Thank you

Capt. A. M Suraj, Noida
A very organized and expert handling of patients under the supervision of an expert Ayurveda Doctor Mr. Thomas for treatment. An excellent Institution for Ayurveda treatment..

Mr. Sudhir K Agarwal San Diego, CA
Good treatment, staff is extremely nice and helpful. Dr. Thomas is qualified and nice person. I will definitely come back and recommend to others for overall tune up of the body

Dr. O. S. Nirala, Principal, Nawada, Bihar
I am very pleased to know the best Clinic of Ayurveda named VCC Ayurveda and Yoga Institute (P) Ltd., Noida. My wife Mrs. Jayanti has been taking treatment in this Clinic since 17-11-2006. She is recovering and feeling healthy, now she is better than before the instant of 17-11-2006. I got massage also; the massage was also very nice and reliving for total body. I wish all success of this center.

Mr. K. K. Mishra Noida
I am very happy to know about this Ayurvedic Clinic. My self and my wife Mrs. Tara Mishra taking treatment from this clinic and we feel that this is very effective therapy. I personally feel that this organization has maintained high standard. I hope, this will maintain in future also.



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